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Granny Can Still Make It Hard

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When I was in high school all the hot chicks wanted to fuck me. I don’t blame them; I had a nice car and a big dick. But I wasn’t really interested in them. I was way more into their moms. I’d go study at a girl’s house just to steal some of her mom’s panties. Sure, I was a pervy motherfucker but that’s because I was a MOTHER-fucker. (Yeah, I actually hooked up with a couple of them.)

Now that I’m older I still go for the women older than me. That means I want sluts in their 40s and 50s now. Honestly, if they can get my cock hard I don’t care how much older they are. I don’t discriminate. When I’m not cruisin’ the shuffleboard crowds to pick up my next hottie, I’m jacking it to the mature babes on Anilos. They have exclusive content added daily so I can always blow my load to a new mature amateur model.

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